Dessert and Fast Friends

“Is this where the dessert is?”, says a full-of-personality-voice as she energetically pops into the room where I am standing. ​With my plate full of colorful cakes ​I said, “You are in the right place!”

From that moment on, I don’t think either one of us shut up. That’s fast friends right there. It’s the kind of person you can talk with, empathize with, complain with, laugh with and cry with, without either placing an ounce of judgment on the other.

Fast forward a little over a year, and we are launching a one-of-a-kind learning and development series called A Lot Like Mike (ALLM)hosted on our platform for digital courses, Laudable Learning.  Film-based dramatic episodes = learning that lasts!

What’s the course about?

Mike is an SVP who has been in the business world for decades. When it comes to work he is “old school”, and understandably so. But the winds of culture change are shifting quickly and he needs to learn about how to create an environment where everyone (including himself) feels valued and heard.

Five episodes under five minutes, with six digital facilitation videos by Kahlilah are a winning combo.

With Kahlilah’s expertise in Environmental Health & Safety, she teaches the key elements of psychological safety that are most often overlooked, and a business imperative for today’s workplace.

We are officially launching Kahlilah’s course on October 18th, and if you would like to learn more about the course opening, special offers, and generous discounts for early adopters, get on our special offer list here.

Grateful for your support and following!

Jenny Krengel