Micro short films for corporate training that make you feel something. This is not AI.

Most agree that micro short films have a maximum length of around five minutes, but usually one to three minutes in length.

With the rise of video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, these ultra-concise films have found a perfect home.

Now they can find their home at work!

As a society, if we are spending over half of a 24-hour period consuming digital media to include streaming services and social media, why wouldn’t we start educating people at work in the same bingeable format?


We offer media & course assets, and we offer production services

  • Rent assets for 30 days, or subscribe to access high-quality micro short films in .mp4 format (episodes + SME videos)
  • You get Course Outlines and Learner Experience Guides
  • AND Facilitator Guides and more extras
  • We create the expensive media, and you do the rest! WOW your Learners

The Problem with
Learning and  Development

PowerPoint presentations, talking heads on video, animated drawings, cartoon storyboards and impossible-to-fail quizzes are not inspiring or raising the leaders of tomorrow. Attention spans are shrinking and if there’s no emotional connection to the content, the learning is less likely to stick. The pace of technology is making it difficult for content creators to keep up with skills-based learning, and large investments with time consuming deployments in training can be obsolete in short-order. How can we help your learners learn?


I am a...

Why deliver this:

boring lectures

    When you can deliver this!

      We are designing and delivering corporate learning that connects! The best way to discover how we do what we do is to check it out for yourself, and watch some micro short films that will make you FEEL SOMETHING. This ain't AI. 

      yes - i want to watch!


      Learning Delivery in
      Small Bites That Last

      Now more than ever, people are training their brains to absorb digital information in small bits. This fast-paced learning style isn’t met well by traditional corporate training is it? Our innovative design uses binge-worthy microlearning episodes to deliver learning that lasts!

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      Filling the Gap in Soft Skills Development

      According to a study from the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center, 85% of job success is due to strong people skills and other soft skills. Yet traditional learning methods focus entirely on knowledge delivery. Our evergreen content uses a unique style of instruction that increases soft skills and interpersonal development while also delivering knowledge. These human to human soft skills never go out of style!

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      Fill out your deets here so we can connect and talk about how micro short films for learning and development will improve your learner engagement!

      I am a...

      We believe you learn more when you feel emotionally connected to inspiring stories.

      The content developed and delivered by Vim and Vibe relates to every single one of our employees.

      It’s not just the quality of the stories in filmmaking, but the complete learner experience and conversation starters that happen as a result.”

      Healthcare Industry

      A Lot Like Mike is relatable, engaging and thought provoking.

      This is an experience. It doesn't feel like it is just another lectured training where I feel unseen or guilty. With A Lot Like Mike, I saw myself and others in the characters. I know how to take action and create the culture we all want."

      Vice President

      R&D Project Management, Global Pharmaceutical


      This is an experience.

      It doesn't feel like it is just another lectured training where I feel unseen or guilty. With A Lot Like Mike, I saw myself and others in the characters. I know how to take action and create the culture we all want.

      Vice President

      Talent, Global Technology Company


        Emotional Connections – Better Learning

        Through Vim and Vibe’s innovative learning delivery model, micro short films create an emotional connection with the learner which leads to rich conversations, better self-awareness, and improved outcomes.


        Are you looking for an experience that will keep learners on the edge of their seats?

        Our core business is professional filmmaking to create compelling media for leadership development for global distribution. Vim and Vibe is a team of creative filmmakers, compelling storytellers, and business executives who know how to connect with an audience.

        We bring fresh perspectives to instructional design, facilitation and training. The content we produce is focused on the well-being of the workforce, using subject matter experts who are historically underutilized business leaders and/or veterans. This instructional design gives learners novel points of view and by celebrating similarities as well as differences, the workplace transforms.

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