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Featured image for “Navigating Controversy: The Power of Self-Awareness in Leadership”

Navigating Controversy: The Power of Self-Awareness in Leadership

Unlock the potential of leadership through self-awareness. Embrace the challenge of communication and interpretation to navigate controversy effectively.
Featured image for “Can We Talk About Character?”

Can We Talk About Character?

Explore the essence and impact of character in leadership and personal growth, emphasizing the significance of integrity and moral excellence.
Featured image for “The Art of Birthday Bargains: A Lens, Popcorn, and Affirmations”

The Art of Birthday Bargains: A Lens, Popcorn, and Affirmations

Discover the joy and creativity of birthday bargains: a heartwarming tale of lenses, popcorn, and affirmations that redefine gift-giving.
Featured image for “Is Corporate Training Ready for This?”

Is Corporate Training Ready for This?

Dive into the future of corporate training with a blend of TV-style microlearning and narrative storytelling. Discover how to engage and educate your workforce effectively.
Featured image for “Is a Focus on Leadership Development Worthwhile?”

Is a Focus on Leadership Development Worthwhile?

Explore the vital role of leadership development in driving organizational success and fostering effective, self-aware leaders for the future.
Featured image for “The White Guy CEO Who’s Trying”

The White Guy CEO Who’s Trying

Explore the journey of a CEO earnestly confronting his biases and striving for inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, showcasing a commitment to progress.
Featured image for “Dessert and Fast Friends”

Dessert and Fast Friends

Sweet encounters spark fast friendships and innovative learning. Discover how shared moments fuel creative education.
Featured image for “Old Dogs and New Tricks”

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Embrace growth and psychological safety at any age. We discuss the transformative power of self-awareness and continuous learning.
Featured image for “Culture, dude.”

Culture, dude.

“People leave managers not companies.” When they do return, will your Culture be the one they choose?