Is Corporate Training Ready for This?

During a recent conversation with an executive at a prominent company, I was posed with an intriguing question:

“Are companies ready for this style of learning?” 

“This style of learning” is referring to TV-style microlearning. The intersection of where dramatic, narrative storytelling meets inspiring subject matter experts who teach between episodes with powerful reference points and examples that are relatable. 

For well-known brand references, think of the concept as: where AmazonPrime meets MasterClass.

What Does the Data Say?

On average, Americans spend 13 hours and 11 minutes per day using digital media. According to Forbes, 3 hours and 9 minutes of that time is spent streaming video. And that’s only likely to increase based on consumer demand.

This engagement translates to over 21 hours per week—equivalent to the commitment of a part-time job. This significant investment of time underscores the central role that streaming services play in entertainment and information consumption for the average American.

Not only are companies ready for this style of learning, but consumers are people, and people make up organizations. 

Keeping Up With the Karda– ummm…Pace

Anecdotally, L&D departments run thin, begging for resources to keep up with the ever-changing demands and costs to produce quality training. It’s almost impossible keep up if you put yourself in their shoes. 

From the perspective of the L&D teams cranking out the content, consider the rapid tempo at which internal products are being released, the swift shifts in technology tools and trends, and the widespread adoption of automation tools. How can they keep up?

The responsibility for training, education, and upskilling is increasingly falling on individuals who are vying for jobs and upward mobility.

How are people learning quickly? They’re turning to social media such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

And what about those of us without little ones to keep us busy in the evenings and on weekends? We’re hooked on a wide range of streaming services that provide us with addictive shows like Suits, Succession, and even the beloved re-runs of The Office.

Don’t these popular binge-worthy shows all take place in a work setting? 

Being entertained can be a coping mechanism for uncertainty and chaos.  

When it comes to learning and development, why would we not serve our people at work in the same way? 

The responsibility of learning has always been to help organization navigate uncertainty and chaos in the world.

1 Linda Cai, LinkedIn Advisor 2024


What doesn’t go out of style, and will sustain the test of time?

Soft skills. And leadership skills like Creating TRUST, Being RESILIENT, Being ADAPTABLE, Making DECISIONS and Being STRATEGIC will never be passe. 

I think that soft skills were always hard skills in our view, and it goes back to sort of that view about leadership. Certainly, I think that soft skills are absolutely critical.

From Julie Sweet, CEO of AccentureWe have a partnership where we’ve had over 180,000 people complete a mental Wellness, computer and science based program. It’s probably been the most successful program that we’ve provided our employees. The numbers grow each each week because it has good results in terms of helping people be less anxious and feel more able to care for themselves.

The big question in my mind is do you know what your strategy is? We just hired a CHIEF HEALTH OFFICER and one of the things that she looks after is ensuring that we’ve got the right strategy and execution of that strategy.

Eighty-two percent of employees now say it’s important that their organizations see them as a whole person, rather than simply an employee.


In conclusion, companies are indeed ready for TV-style microlearning.

The data shows that people are already spending a significant amount of time consuming digital media, particularly streaming video.

With the fast pace of technology and the increasing demand for upskilling, individuals are turning to social media and streaming services for quick and entertaining ways to learn.

By incorporating TV-style microlearning into their training programs, companies can meet the needs of their employees and provide engaging and relatable content.

Soft skills and leadership development, in particular, are areas that can greatly benefit from this style of learning.

So, why not take advantage of this trend and give it a try?

Check out this unique leadership development series during your “downtime” and see how it can enhance your skills. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to further your learning journey.

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