Introducing Vim and Vibe, the Creative Force Behind Production

A fresh perspective for your leadership development

Vim and Vibe is the creative force behind the production of TV-style learning, designed exclusively for leadership development.

Disrupting traditional models of training, our cinematic expertise leads to an extraordinary product that is a remarkable differentiator for companies and content distributors who choose to work with us.

Vim and Vibe Productions strives to create high-quality storylines and episodes that utilize the best filmmaking techniques to create engaging, effective training so that the learner learns! 

In addition, subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds, experience and perspective serve as digital facilitators and guides to inspire learning that lasts. 

TV-style microlearning will inspire change in your organization!
We believe you learn more when you feel emotionally connected to inspiring stories.

The content developed and delivered by Vim and Vibe relates to every single one of our employees.

It’s not just the quality of the stories in filmmaking, but the complete learner experience and conversation starters that happen as a result.”

Healthcare Industry
CEO Healthcare Industry

A Lot Like Mike is relatable, engaging and thought provoking.

This is an experience. It doesn't feel like it is just another lectured training where I feel unseen or guilty. With A Lot Like Mike, I saw myself and others in the characters. I know how to take action and create the culture we all want."

Vice President

R&D Project Management, Global Pharmaceutical

Vice President R&D Project Management

Impactful & engaging experience

This is one of the most impactful and engaging learning experiences I've had over the last ten years at my company.

Vice President

Talent, Global Technology Company

Vice President Talent

    Emotional Connections – Better Learning

    Through Vim and Vibe’s innovative learning delivery model, TV-style episodes create an emotional connection with the learner which leads to rich conversations, better self-awareness, and improved outcomes. 


    Our core business is professional filmmaking to create compelling media for leadership development for global distribution. Vim and Vibe is a team of creative filmmakers, compelling storytellers, and business executives who know how to connect with an audience.

    We bring fresh perspectives to instructional design, facilitation and training. The content we produce is focused on the well-being of the workforce, using subject matter experts who are historically underutilized business leaders and/or veterans. This instructional design gives learners novel points of view and by celebrating similarities as well as differences, the workplace transforms.

    Could your team use a boost to build more trust? Are you looking for an experience that will keep learners on the edge of their seats?

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